Neusa Next


Design date: 2017


Neusa Next is a geometric sans serif type family. Its wide range of weights, widths and matching italics provides the designer with a complex and rich typographic palette.

Designed and released as Neusa in 2012, it was initially conceived as a type family with condensed proportions. Suitable for text, it was equipped with distinctive characteristics that stood out in display settings. Today Neusa Next builds on the original idea, expanding its character set to extended Cyrillic and introducing three more widths: Compact, Regular and Wide, each one with its own personality. Neusa Next Std supports Latin based languages, while Neusa Next Pro also covers extended Cyrillic.

The Neusa Next family consists of 20 weights, five per width, with matching italics, for a total of 40 individual styles. OpenType features include localised forms for Bashkir, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chuvash, Dutch, Macedonian, Moldovan, Romanian and Serbian, as well as inferiors, superiors, fractions, case sensitive punctuation and a special stylistic set featuring space themed icons. Language support includes Latin and Cyrillic scripts, covering most Western and Central European Latin-based languages.









Purchase Neusa Next Type Family here


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